Denver Shootout Update: All-Star Rosters, Standings, More

The Denver Shootout, 3d Lacrosse's staple event that draws several thousand players and their families from around the country, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Like every edition of this large event, the staging ground - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - is transformed into a festival of lacrosse with vendors, food trucks, lacrosse team tailgates/buffets, a coaches' lounge and more - all with the Rockies in the background.

Now featuring more than 15 scholastic divisions, the event now has brackets with youth-age teams for both boys and girls. And the top four divisions, 2015/2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, saw a list of the nation's top program's on the sideline to the evaluate the talented players among the many on hand.

With this being a 3d event, there are great deal of 3d teams on hand, but also teams from Texas, California, Michigan and Canada. ADVNC from Northern California, Dallas Select of the Stick Star program, GBL from the Detroit region made the trip to the Rocky Mountains for the 10th year of the event. The Claremont School, the British Columbia program known for its wealth of Canadian talent, brought two teams down. The Colorado Wild, the Colorado Fire, FCA Colorado, ELC, and LaxCo United were just some of the in-state programs competing at the tournament.

It was an exciting first day and start to the second, as it became clear that college recruiters on hand were beginning to look closely as members of the 2019 class, those are inevitably the players they are now ready to start recruiting as part of the ongoing process. We'll have more on some of the players we think caught their eye later. 

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Saturday unfortunately saw some pretty nasty weather roll into Denver, canceling the highly-anticipated All-Star Games. But below, take a look at the All-Star Game rosters, along with some updated standings from the scholastic boys divisions that we've been tracking on our first big recruiting weekend of the summer.

Check back for more from the Denver Shootout. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@3dRising) for updates from the event on Championship Sunday.

2015/2016 Pool A 3d Colorado Select 2016 3-0
Thunderbold 2016 2-1
Third Coast Lacrosse Elite 1-2
River City Lacrosse 0-3

Pool B Brady's Bunch 3-0
3d New England 2016 2-1
Chatfield 2-1
ELC Select 1-2
Colorado Wild 0-3

Pool C FCA Colorado Elite 3-0
3d Arizona 2016 2-1
LaxCo United 1-2
New Wave Ion 1-2
Devil Eagles 0-3

Pool D Claremont 3-0
3d Los Angeles 2016 2-1
CO Fire 2-1
GBL 2016 1-2
Bradyís Bunch Open 0-3

2017 Eagle 3d Arizona 2017 2-1
Brady's Bunch 2-1
GBL 2017 2-1
New Wave Tesla 2-1
Lokahi Lax 1-1
Plano United 1-2
FCA Colorado 2017 0-3

2017 Elk Pool A 3d Colorado Select 3-0
Dallas Select 2017 2-1
3d San Diego 2017 1-1
Colorado Wild 1-2
3d Oregon 2017 0-3

Pool B 3d NorCal 2017 3-0
DoCo Devils 3-0
3d New England 2017 2-1
3d Los Angeles 2017 1-2
Claremont 0-3
Thunderbolts 2017 0-3

2018 Eagle Pool A Get Some Lacrosse 3-0
Lacrosse Force 2018/2018 Blue 2-1
FCA Colorado 2018 Blue 1-2
Third Coast Lacrosse White 0-3

Pool B GBL 2018 3-0
New Wave Volt 2-1
Thunderbolts 2018 1-2
Rocky Mountain Rattlers 0-3

2018 Elk Pool A 3d Oregon 2018 3-0
3d Colorado Select 2018 2-1
FCA Colorado 2018 Orange 2-1
3d San Diego 2018 1-2
Third Coast Lacrosse Elite 1-2
Brady's Bunch 0-3

Pool B 3d New England 2018 3-0
3d NorCal 2018 2-1
3d Arizona 2018 2-1
Dallas Select 2018 0-3
DoCo Devils 0-3

2019 Eagle Pool A Mad Dog U15 3-0
HALO 2019/20 2-1
Texas United Red 2-1
Bandits 2019 1-2
Dukes Select U15 0-3

Pool B Boulder Select U15 3-0
DoCo Deviles 1-2
Rams Lacrosse Club 1-2
Brady's Bunch - B Strong 1-2
Lacrosse Force 2019 White 1-2

2019 Elk Pool A 3d Colorado Select 2019 3-0
ELC Team21 2-1
NXT Chicago 1-2
Third Coast Lacrosse 0-3

Pool B ADVNC 2019 3-0
3d New England 2019 2-1
Colorado WIld 1-2
Bradyís Bunch - Believe 0-3

Pool C Team Carolina 3-0
3d NorCal 2019 2-1
3d Arizona 2019 1-2
Victory Select 2019 0-3

Pool D Saints Lacrosse Club 2-1
Texas United Blue 2-1
3d Oregon 2019 2-1
Santa Monica Dragons 0-3

Hailing from Upstate New York, Casey Vock is the manager of 3d Rising. Before joining 3d Rising, he spent three years at Inside Lacrosse, where he was a full-time writer for Inside Lacrosse Magazine,, and covering all facets of the game. He was named the editor of in November 2012 after helping launch the site a year earlier. Prior to joining Inside Lacrosse in Baltimore, Casey was a freelance writer in Upstate New York covering professional, college and high school lacrosse for Inside Lacrosse, as well as writing for the Press-Republican newspaper in Plattsburgh and other media outlets. Casey played lacrosse in high school at Indian River and went on to play at Jefferson Community College. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business from SUNY Plattsburgh, an MBA from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management and an MS in media management from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse. Reach him by email at and follow him on Twitter @cvock.